One Economy, Two Romanias, Three Possibilities – Dragoș Pîslaru

The Masterclass is going to be a multi-faces incursion in the Romanian economy, oscilating between classical micro-macro, urban-rural, foreign-local, old-new, with the purpose of underlining the fact that the future is still being created and very much depends both on the individual human action, on communities and on the way a nation (re)defines its values. Scenarios or possibilities, three of them, will be placed in front of the audience, as possible economic destinies of Romania on a average-long term, that will come together depending on the mix of choises we will have done as a society.
Dragoș Pîslaru used to be minister of Labor between March 2016 and January 2017. He is a reputed economist, experienced in structural reforms, local development and increase in competitivness, has a PhD in Economics from National Institute for Economic Reasearch of Romanian Academy and an MS in International Relations from London School of Economics. Dragoș used to be associated researcher with Romanian Center for Economic Policies and Executive Director with the Center for Applied Economics.

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Free Admission