Neuroscience, Technology, the Future and Personal Development through Coaching – Masterclass with Adina Tarry

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Masterclass, taking place Tuesday, November 7th, 2017,  starting with 6:30 pm. Our visiting lecturer for this class will be Adina Tarry.  The theme of this session will be “Neuroscience, Technology, the Future & Personal Development through Coaching”.

The discussion will revolve around the following topics:

  • the advanced stages of personal development
  • systems of ethics
  • dialectical thinking and complex evolving systems
  • how to be successful by embracing chaos
  • the relationship between the limbic system and the cortex
  • resilience

Adina Tarry is an Accredited Coach, Business Psychologist, Organisation Development Consultant and Visiting Lecturer with an extensive first career in international business with IBM, Alcatel,  Johnson&Johnson and Bristol Myers Squib in supply chain, quality management and international trade, followed by a second career since 2001, in London, developing people in business, as a consultant, coach and psychologist. Adina has lived and worked in Bucharest, Paris, Dusseldorf, London, New York and Sydney. She has cumulated over 2500 hours of coaching and is the winner of  “Executive Coach of the year 2016 – London” Award of the Corporate Vision Magazine and achieved second prize, in  ”The Association for Business Psychology  Workplace Awards 2014”, for excellence and impact of team coaching for business performance and employee wellness.

Adina utilises an unusual combination of skills: psychology, personal business experience, knowledge of technology, academic involvement, extensive cross cultural savvy and multilingual capability, in her work with individuals, teams and HR with clients across all industries to improve, awareness,  confidence, performance, management and leadership skills, career management, intercultural management. She also works with the HR function on Talent Management Strategy. Due to her business and personal experience, Adina establishes credibility and rapport with her clients and embraces a positive, pragmatic and client centric approach in her work. Her commitment to continued learning is exceptional and informs her thinking and knowledge, which she shares with peers, clients, students and academics, as a Lecturer, Speaker and Author. Adina’s preferred approach to her work is integrative, drawing from different sources and disciplines and integrated under a complex evolving systems philosophy, which in her view, offers the most useful thinking paradigm to help us understand reality.  Visit:

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This even is free and open to the public. We are convinced that it is the responsibility of universities, as generators and repositories of knowledge, to make this knowledge available to the communities in which they are active. This is MSM Romania’s way of giving back to the community.