MasterClass Building a business that lasts, with Sergiu Negut

Building a business that lasts

The continuous technological revolution is transforming life, business and the global economy. Funny though, the general impact of many if not most technological advances on business is still insignificant for the next 10 years. Not all of the emerging technologies will alter the social and business landscape right away.

There are however certain forms of new technology, having the potential to drastically reshape the way the business world works on the short term. Is it blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Self-Driving Cars? How to distinguish trends from mere fads? Can we take advantage of technology shifts in our careers? How about in our businesses?

This Masterclass will address the way we stake out these changes to draw value from them and how not to waste resources by going into a new market too soon or too late. Equally, we will see what new opportunities are opening up for us and our careers and where to invest the time and the resources allocated for personal development.


Sergiu Negut is a specialist in growing companies, as manager, angel investor, consultant and academic. He is Board Member or CEO Advisor for several businesses and teaches topics related to Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Growth with Maastricht School of Management and Entrepreneurship Academy. He is an active business angel for several companies in IT&C, food or services industry with average growth exceeding 40% yoy.
Previously, Sergiu has been responsible as a top executive for the expansion of the leading privately-owned Regina Maria healthcare network in Romania, as well as establishing Amgen’s footprint in CEE, thus acquiring direct hands-on experience in business growth for both multinationals and entrepreneurial businesses, through greenfield, partnerships and acquisitions.
Recently, Sergiu has taken another hands-on executive role in his latest investment, FintechOS, a VC backed tech startup, to challenge and adapt his strategic acumen to a real life exponential international growth context.
Sergiu proudly holds an MBA from INSEAD, following undergrads in Computer Science (PUB) and International Business (ASE).

WHEN: December 10, starting with 18.30

WHERE: MsM Romania HQ, 99 Dacia Blvd, 3rd floor.


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