CHISINAU – Future Trends as a Source of Business Development and Career Growth

We are excited to announce that we will soon be holding our first Masterclass in Chisinau, taking place on March 13, 2018, starting with 19:30, at Generator HUB (202 Stefan cel Mare si Sfint Blvd, bl.2, 4th floor, Chisinau)!

Sergiu Negut, our Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth and Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Business, will be the lecturer for this session, titled “Future Trends as a Source of Business Development and Career Growth“.

The Topics

The continuous technological revolution is transforming life, business and the global economy. Nevertheless, although we can all witness the progress, as was the case with Elon Musk sending a Tesla to Mars, the general impact of many if not most technological advances on business is still insignificant for the next 10 to 20 years. Not all of the emerging technologies will alter the social and business landscape right away.

There are however certain forms of new technology, having the potential to drastically reshape the way the business world works on the short term. Is it blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Self-Driving Cars? How to distinguish trends from mere fads? Can we take advantage of technology shifts in our careers? How about in our businesses?

This Masterclass will address the way we stake out these changes to draw value from them and how not to waste resources by going into a new market too soon or too late. Equally, we will see what new opportunities are opening up for us and our careers and where to invest the time and the resources allocated for personal development.

The Participants

This Masterclass is addressed to those who are looking to extract the best potential from their current careers and are considering to embark on a self-transforming learning journey, either through an MBA or a different mix of career experiences and short term courses.

Equally, the class targets HR professionals seeking resources to broaden the learning experiences of their colleagues with courses centered on pragmatic business development and innovation.

The Lecturer

Sergiu Negut is a consultant and Board Adviser, specialized in strategic business development, speaker and Associate Dean of Entrepreneurial Growth at Maastricht School of Management Romania. To this day, Sergiu has invested in local businesses, such as frufru, 2performant, Softelligence, Intermedicas or Fintech OS and is consulting or mentoring many other business, corporate or entrepreneurial.

Until 2011, Sergiu Negut acted as Executive Director with Regina Maria, where, together with the founder, he contributed to the company`s growing tenfold, through a mix of organic growth, greenfield developments and acquisitions, including selling the company twice to investment funds. Before Regina Maria, Sergiu Negut coordinated from Austria and Switzerland the East-European expansion of Amgen. Sergiu graduated as MBA from INSEAD and holds a licence in Computers from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and a licence in International Relations from the Academy of Economic Studies.


For an optimum planning of the event, we kindly ask you to confirm participation by filling in this form. For more information please contact our Program Manager, Laura Lazarescu, at  +40758.818.158

This event is free and open to the public. We are convinced that it is the responsibility of universities, as generators and repositories of knowledge, to make this knowledge available to the communities in which they are active. This is MSM Romania’s way of giving back to the community.

In addition, this is a good chance for those who are considering an MBA program to ‘test drive’ the professors who teach in our program.