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Fast Track Management Program.

The Program combines classroom time with self learning, coaching and on the job mentoring to achieve the maximum possible impact.

Do you want to follow an MBA program, but…?

Is it time consuming? Is the effort too big? Are there too many subjects you’re not interested in? Do you have a family and small children and you don’t have enough time for individual projects? Is it too expensive for your current budget? If you’re in one of these situations or simply want to follow an executive program in a condensed and efficient format, the next lines are for you.

Fast Track Management Program is a product tailored exactly for this need to receive the essential information necessary for a manager in an efficient and economic format. We narrowed down our MBA program to the essence. We removed the subjects that were rather unfit for senior corporate manager and the subjects we kept are even further narrowed down. We asked ourselves “If you’re a manager in Romania now, you’ve never had managerial or economical education, but you want to understand the essential, what should you absolutely know?”

We developed Fast Track Management program, a program of strong essences. The lecturers are the best from our MBA programs, but also other teachers, on specific subjects, better suited for a pragmatic and applied approach. They mix together the academic insight with practical exercises, being people that have personally done the things they are teaching in class, managers, consultants and practitioners. They can be your guides, offering tailored and relevant advice, even outside the academic relationship.

This is a program which will take you to the next level.

Adrian Stanciu
Dean and Lecturer


“There comes a moment when you need to stop and regain your balance between what you give and what you take from the business, between what you are and what you need to become. This moment has made me come closer to MsM and I’m glad they developed a program for those like me, who can’t invest time in an MBA yet. It’s a type of precious and efficient treatment, where they’ve combined everything you need to proceed in a different way: more strategic, more focused and more…caring for the people around you. The results will be seen shortly in the way I lead Morphoza”

Fast Track Management Program Alumni
Managing Partner Morphoza

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