Fast Track Management Program.

The Program combines classroom time with self learning, coaching and on the job mentoring to achieve the maximum possible impact.

What you can expect

In the Spring of 2015, a new idea came into being: creating a new type of program, shorter and more concise, but which would nevertheless convey the essence of Maastricht School of Management’s MBA program. It is certain that there is a greater need for knowledge and learning, but at the same time, we live in a time in which the lack of time dedicated to personal development is in decline.

Fast Track Management Program lasts 21 days, over 4 months and is built on the value drawn in class through the interaction with the lecturer and the other participants, unlike the MBA program, where a significant part of the knowledge is attained through individual and group work, outside of class.

Is the program right for you?

Fast Track Management Program is designed for those who wish to increase their management process, but lack the necessary resources to follow an MBA program.

A good part of the current managers are either specialists in their educational and professional fields, or come from a field altogether different from the one they initially started from. The role of manager is about people and having an overall image of all the elements that take your company towards progress. It is about understanding the existent risks and creating opportunities. All the aforementioned elements, applied separately to theoretical, economical, financial, strategic, marketing notions, as well as to building teams and understanding your role as a leader in front of those you work with, implies a sustained effort. Many of these things are learned from experience, another, from the instruments that we have at our disposal (books, online courses, workshops), but what is truly important is that the learning experience should be an effective one and the results be immediate.

What you will be studying

The courses comprising the curriculum are the nucleus of the MBA program. The curriculum is built as a whole, bringing together theoretical knowledge with elements of innovation and subjects relevant for the management of teams. The 8 courses delivered throughout the program are:

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Strategic Business Leadership
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Leading People & Organizations
  • Leading with a Story
  • Boardroom Executive Simulation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Managing Growth through Innovation
  • Individual Coaching

Fast Track Management Program
9th Generation

For more details about our programs and open courses, please contact us at or +40 758 818 158.

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