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Why is the EMBA relevant for IT executives?

The IT industry is probably one of the most dynamic ones in Romania. This has grown exponentially in the last years. With competition becoming more fierce and continuous innovation being a game changer, senior managers need to up their game to stay ahead.

The Executive MBA can give you the edge you need to outperform your competition, to innovate and become a better leader. You’ll learn directly from experienced professionals, with our lecturers including:

Sergiu Negut

Angel Investor and Co-founder of FintechOS, the international tech platform for the financial industry.

Adrian Stanciu

Organizational Development Consultant, with experience delivering executive trainings for companies like IBM and Xerox.

Khaled Wabha

Trainer and instructor with a focus on Data Analysis, Systems Thinking and System Dynamics. Former CEO of an IT startup company operating in Egypt and the UAE for 4 years.

What you can expect from the MBA

Whether you’re working in innovation, business development, HR, finance, sales, research or in the executive office, you’ll find something valuable in the MSM Executive MBA:

  • advance your knowledge and practice of management
  • train for better leadership in a dynamic global business environment
  • understand what offers the competitive advantage and how to unlock new revenue models
  • superior insight into all aspects and departments of a business and how these are connected
  • networking with other senior executives, in industries like or adjacent to your business, such as management consultants, telecoms, manufacturing, advertising agencies and more.
  • access to a pool of investors, entrepreneurs and top industry professionals
  • a catalyst for personal growth

Former attendees include

  • EA
  • Emag
  • Gecad
  • IBM
  • Merrill Corporation
  • Siveco

And more!

With job titles including:

CEO | CTO Managing Director | Country Manager | Operations Manager | Head of Demand Team

and more!


For me, participating to the EMBA program organized by MSM in Romania was a change in my life and a boost in my career. When I started the program, my background was technical and all my knowledge was around telecom engineering.

The EMBA courses opened my mind towards business, decision-making, strategy, leadership and many others, things that I could not get without the help of an EMBA program. Of course, networking with your colleagues and alumni is important and I congratulate MSM Romania for keeping strong links with all “cohorts” of students. I strongly recommend MSM EMBA as the next step of development in personal and professional life.
Stefan Slavnicu
RO1, CTO at Orange Romania

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