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Our alumni are an essential part of our school. They are our ambassadors and their work speaks volumes of what we, at MsM Romania, stand for in the world. We feel very fortunate for all who have stayed involved with the school.


Robert Nagy

Finance Director, EOS KSI Romania

"MSM Fast Track is a very well-designed program that accommodates a condensed MBA curricula to a moderate effort, reasonably length and affordable cost inputs from the participants. I was looking for a framework that enables a transformational kick start for myself (both personally and professionally), and I was not disappointed! All tutors have extended business experience, and the learning is very practical, with a good balance between areas such leadership, marketing/communication, finance and organizational culture or entrepreneurship. You may find useful ideas and structured mind-maps you can immediately implement at the work place. Last but not least, I met great colleagues from various industries, and I really managed to learn from this diversity.

I strongly recommend MSM Fast Track as a stepping stone to your next level in career, to a better relation with yourself :) and – why not – to a future EMBA program!"

Codruța Popescu

Deputy Managing Director @Go Travel

"Meeting Maastricht School of Management represents one of the most inspiring and meaningful experiences of my life. There is a beautiful mix of knowledge, know how, modern trends, personal insights, but also enthusiasm, passion for learning, joy of sharing, care for the auditors and community. All the courses gave me clarity, knowledge, confidence and courage to think on a bigger scale.

Another great thing about studying with Maastricht School of Management is the opportunity to meet people from various industries brought together by the same desire for personal growth. There is only a setback of being part of this community… it is creating addiction, as I am constantly checking their trainings and events."

George Istrătescu

Head of Communication and IT Infrastructure, Airbus

"I have chosen this “condensed MBA experience” because I strongly wanted to follow a program to upgrade my management skills. At that time, due to different constraints, I have thought that I could not attend the full MBA program, so FTMP was the right trade-off between the wish of upgrading my skills and other constraints.

The MSM FTMP endeavour was one of the greatest learning experience I have ever had. It was a transformational program where I have learned how to better understand myself and the people around, to better identify my strengths and weaknesses as well.

During the 4 months program, I have met amazing teachers, anchored in real life business matters, highly motivational and willing to share their knowledge and experience as well. I have also had the chance to have great colleagues around, with various professional and personal experiences, with open-minded attitude and not only eager to discover new challenges, but also interested in having a bit of fun during the learning process.

I also believe that it is worth mentioning that I have graduated this program with a strong desire of having a follow up program, as I have been really pleased with what I have discovered at MSM Romania."

Florin Bombeanu

Senior Manager @ Deloitte

"I've chosen MSM based on a stellar lineup of professor in their Fast Track Management Program. Going into the program with really high expectations, the wonderful people here managed to surpass all of them. Besides an incredible toolset of techniques and practical knowledge, I also found a great community and made new friends and business partners. I got new perspectives around my entrepreneurial and business life and I was able to make use of this new-found knowledge right away. Furthermore, it's not only the immediate changes, but I strongly feel this school made me a better person, by tapping into the human and emotional factors of my day-to-day activities. It was a journey of self-discovery, combined with countless years of real business life experience the professors provided. Be advised, this program will leave you hungry for more, as I know this wasn't my last journey with MSM."