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Our alumni are an essential part of our school. They are our ambassadors and their work speaks volumes of what we, at MsM Romania, stand for in the world. We feel very fortunate for all who have stayed involved with the school.


Veronica Brejan

1st generation, International Executive Coach (ICF) at Fly Through Life

"The MsM EMBA experience was one of the most transformational times of my life. The lessons learned during 1 year and a half were far more than the business acumen! It was an experience where I have learned a lot about myself - what are my limits, how to build confidence and how to plan my time & energy to align family, demanding job and an MBA program. After graduation, I was promoted to an international role in London, and shortly after I took over an European CPO role for an American food company.

The MsM EMBA program is an amazing personal and professional challenge, dare to do it! I am happy I did it and I feel grateful for all the great people who inspired me in this journey!"

Andrei Radulescu

3rd generation, Commercial Director at Publicis One

"More than 3 years passed since I finished the courses and I still find MSM to be an extraordinary catalyst for my personal growth. This MBA school contributed significantly to my life balance in general. I am more confident in my personal capabilities, I understand and I am better managing my weakness.

Looking back, an important contribution to this positive Executive MBA experience brought the diverse smart people I met: teachers and colleagues, the intense hours spent to find group solutions in such a diversity. Those experiences triggered business networking but also long term friendships.

It worth mentioning that the school has appropriate study and general meetings premises, having always the doors open for its students and graduates."

Stefan Slavnicu

1st generation, CTO Orange Romania

"For me, participating to the EMBA program organized by MSM in Romania was a change in my life and a boost in my career. I successfully graduated the program in 2012. Of course, participating into such program does not give you the success in professional life per se. You need to learn, to understand and to use the acquired knowledge into your daily work-life. When I started the program, my background was technical and all my knowledge was around telecom engineering. The EMBA courses opened my mind towards business, decision-making, strategy, leadership and many others, things that I could not get without the help of an EMBA program. Of course, networking with your colleagues and alumni is important and I congratulate MSM Romania for keeping strong links with all “cohorts” of students. I strongly recommend MSM EMBA as the next step of development in personal and professional life."