EMBA Bootcamp

What is an Executive MBA and how can it help you max out your leadership skills? How are the classes structured? Who are the teachers? Will you have time to balance this and your day-to-day role? And most of all, is it worth it?

You’ve probably pondered studying an EMBA, but there are so many questions, you’ve just put it in the “maybe later” pile. To help you get some clarity, we’re organizing Bootcamp EMBA, a 2-day event featuring EMBA teachers, EMBA classes and an EMBA-like assignment, that will give you insight into our executive program, starting this November. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to meet EMBA alumni and gain an understanding of their experience.



  • Adrian Stanciu, Associate Dean for Knowledge & Leadership.
    Adrian is a leading Organizational Development consultant in Romania, specializing in organizational culture management and change. His work touched more than 50 organizations, large or small, in Romania and other countries, and many hundreds of managers and leaders.
  • Radu Atanasiu, Adjunct Lecturer of Critical Thinking.
    Radu has had several career paths and brought to fruition projects in diverse industries. He currently manages his real estate businesses and is actively involved as angel investor in some promising start-ups like 2Performant, SmartDreamers, and Evertoys, while also holding Critical Thinking workshops for companies.
  • And more to be announced soon!

The 2-day Bootcamp will end in a group project, where you get to work on a real company, just like you will in an Executive MBA.


Dates: TBC
Location: Casa Vlasiei, Snagov
Logistics costs: 120 EUR, including accommodation for 26 July, 2 lunches and 1 dinner


Please register below or via this link. Applicants will be carefully selected to ensure a good mix of management experience from the corporate and entrepreneurship sectors. We aim to reply to your application within 48 hours, so if you don’t hear from us, please reach out at laura [at] msmromania.org.