Critical Thinking for Business Decisions, with Radu Atanasiu

We all think. And, as you came to read this, you probably think very well and decide accordingly. However, even the best athlete needs some coaching.

Based on research, this course presents interesting patterns of thinking poorly, like the sunk cost bias (and how to avoid them), surprising patterns of thinking fast for accurate decisions – articulated heuristics (and how to employ them), various patterns that our mind uses in order to remain inflexible (and how to counter them), and systematic patterns to use our existing set of values for dilemmatic decisions. The journey along these concepts is made with relevant business examples, case studies, mock debates, and practical exercises.

DAILY SCHEDULE: 09:00 – 16:00.
LOCATION: MsM Romania HQ, 99 Dacia Blvd, 3rd floor.


Radu Atanasiu is the MSM Romania Adjunct Lecturer of Critical Thinking. He teaches for the Executive MBA, the Fast Track Management Program, and the Entrepreneurship Academy. Radu has also taught in Maastricht for the MBA and MM programs of MSM.

Radu has taught the first massive online open course made in Eastern Europe, Critical Thinking – Reason and Fair Play in Communication (2014-2015), and had an international audience of tens of thousands of students. His new online course, Critical Thinking for Business, produced in cooperation with MSM, is hosted on the German platform iversity and can be accessed here.

Radu graduated as MBA from CEU Business School. His interest in decision making has led him to pursue a PhD in Business at ABRI/VU Amsterdam on the topic of managerial heuristics.

Radu Atanasiu has had several career paths and brought to fruition projects in diverse industries. He currently manages his real estate businesses and is actively involved as angel investor in some promising start-ups like 2Performant, SmartDreamers, and Evertoys, while also holding Critical Thinking workshops for companies.


TUITION FEE: 480 eur
DISCOUNTS: 5% for 2 people, 10% for 3 or more from the same company; 10% for MsM Romania students and alumni, NRCC, Romanian Business Leaders and Erudio members.

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