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We live in very interesting times, in which high-quality knowledge is easily accessible, as long as you know where to reach it. Stay close to us and our partners, and you will gain access to the most esteemed professionals, the most important events and latest trends.

Below you will find a selection of events that we feel are relevant to our student community and in line with our core principles.

For almost six years now, we have been offering MBA Master Classes to the public on a monthly basis. These events are free to the public, but you need to reserve a spot by sending an email to with your name, company and position.

We are convinced that it is the responsibility of universities, as generators and repositories of knowledge, to make this knowledge available to the communities in which they are active. This is MSM Romania’s way of giving back to the community.

In addition, this is a good chance for those who are considering an MBA program to ‘test drive’ the professors who teach in our program.

Business growth during crisis – MBA Challenge

Published on: 05 Jun 2020

When faced with a crisis, most business leaders start considering cuts. Budgets, investment, personnel – they are all under scrutiny to save as much money as possible. However, great leaders don’t only look at cuts, but also at areas that

Morality, society and the fundamentals of leadership, with Adrian Stanciu

Published on: 15 Jan 2020

Human groups have always built hierarchies and hierarchies always brought leaders to the front lines. There is an inherent need in this; hierarchical groups have more order and less conflict. However, this model does not, in itself, ensure achievement, the

MasterClass Building a business that lasts, with Sergiu Negut

Published on: 13 Nov 2019

Building a business that lasts The continuous technological revolution is transforming life, business and the global economy. Funny though, the general impact of many if not most technological advances on business is still insignificant for the next 10 years. Not


Published on: 14 Aug 2019

We are living in a VUCA world, where the exponential change is defining the normal. Organizations must reshape organically as they are forced to question traditional ways of organizing their activities. Companies can no longer hide behind their brands amid

Procurement and Negotiations, with Sabina Petrescu

Published on:

5 Best Practices of Procurement that can help you reduce cost and improve relationship with suppliers – by Sabina Petrescu, EMBA, MCIPS, SPSM This workshop is designed for everyone that deals with Suppliers and wants to obtain lower costs, better

AMANAT – Principiul Limonadei, cu Andreea Rosca si Sergiu Negut

Published on: 09 May 2019

Din cauza unui incident, evenimentul este amanat pentru luna iunie (urmeaza a fi confirmata data in scurt timp). Pe 14 mai, Sergiu Negut va sustine masterclass-ul “Managing Business Growth”, adresat antreprenorilor care vor sa inteleaga metodele de crestere sanatoasa a

Challenges in Business Decision-Making, with Radu Atanasiu

Published on: 01 Apr 2019

The main job of a manager is to make decisions. So, how do managers make decisions? Should there be a formal process? Which one? How many criteria should I weight? And what if the formal process contradicts my intuition? Should

Community talks: Companies from the MsM Family share their story

Published on: 03 Feb 2019

On lessons learned and raising money. A discussion with Tiberiu Lupu (RO4, Evertoys), Emil Olteanu (RO4, Evertoys), Bogdan Aron (RO4, 2Performant), and Dorin Boerescu (2Performant). Description: 2 Topics X 2 Companies Topic 1: Lessons learned. Dorin, Bogdan, Emil, and Tibi

CHISINAU – Future Trends as a Source of Business Development and Career Growth

Published on: 23 Feb 2018

We are excited to announce that we will soon be holding our first Masterclass in Chisinau, taking place on March 13, 2018, starting with 19:30, at Generator HUB (202 Stefan cel Mare si Sfint Blvd, bl.2, 4th floor, Chisinau)! Sergiu

Future Trends as a Source of Business Development and Career Growth

Published on: 12 Feb 2018

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Masterclass, taking place Tuesday, February 27th, 2018,  starting with 6:30 pm. The lecturer for this class will be our Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth and Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Business, Sergiu Negut.  The theme of this session will be “Future

Neuroscience, Technology, the Future and Personal Development through Coaching – Masterclass with Adina Tarry

Published on: 10 Oct 2017

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Masterclass, taking place Tuesday, November 7th, 2017,  starting with 6:30 pm. Our visiting lecturer for this class will be Adina Tarry.  The theme of this session will be “Neuroscience, Technology, the Future & Personal Development through Coaching”. The discussion will revolve around

Live Stand-Up Comedy Using Anonymized Company Financials, with Florin Ilie

Published on: 03 Jul 2017

We are pleased to announce an exciting new masterclass, delivered by Florin Ilie, Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Strategy, taking place Thursday, the 20th of July, 2017, beginning with 18:30 and titled “LIVE Stand-Up Comedy Using Anonymized Company Financials“. Bring the financials

Analiza si Sinteza cu Radu Georgescu

Published on: 28 Jun 2017

Ni s-a întâmplat tuturor să știm foarte multe despre un subiect, să încercăm să spunem totul și să ni se pară că interlocutorul nu înțelege suficient de repede sau bine. În consecință nu cumpără de la noi deși suntem cei

Business Strategy in the Digital Era, with Sergiu Negut & Florin Ilie

Published on: 08 Jun 2017

We are pleased to announce our upcoming MasterClass, on the subject of Business Strategy in the Digital Era, taking place Thursday, the 22nd of June 2017, starting with 18:30. Our hosts for this class will be Sergiu Negut, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth and Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial

Learning Business Development cu Sergiu Negut

Published on: 05 Apr 2017

Marți, Sergiu Neguț te așteaptă la o discuție despre cum să îți formezi o imagine de ansamblu asupra business-ului pe care îl gestionezi sau din care faci parte și despre impactul pe care îl poți genera având cunoștințele potrivite. În

One Economy, Two Romanias, Three Possibilities – Dragoș Pîslaru

Published on: 08 Mar 2017

The Masterclass is going to be a multi-faces incursion in the Romanian economy, oscilating between classical micro-macro, urban-rural, foreign-local, old-new, with the purpose of underlining the fact that the future is still being created and very much depends both on the individual human action, on communities and on the way a nation (re)defines its values.

MasterClass: Manuel Costescu – Romania – Duster of Europe: Competitive Advantages of Romania – November 23rd

Published on: 14 Nov 2016

Former Secretary of State for Trade and Investment and Head of The Romanian Foreign Investment Agency, former Corporate Banker with J.P. Morgan, currently candidate for the Parliamentary elections of the USR party, Manuel graduated from the MBA program of MIT

MasterClass: The courage to change your Mind with Radu Atanasiu – November 3rd

Published on: 17 Oct 2016

Join us  on November 3rd for the next MsM MasterClass, where Radu Atanasiu, MsM’s Critical Thinking Lecturer, will help you become aware of the very precious, yet uncomfortable luxury we all have: to bravely change our minds. Please register here.

MasterClass: Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship. Reloaded – September 28th

Published on: 16 Sep 2016

Dear Friends, Because the MasterClass on September 21st was fully booked and we had a lot of enrolments we couldn’t confirm due to space limitations, we will organize another event, with the same speaker and on the same topic, on

MasterClass: Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship. Building Business Value – September 21st

Published on: 02 Sep 2016

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