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We live in very interesting times, in which high-quality knowledge is easily accessible, as long as you know where to reach it. Stay close to us and our partners, and you will gain access to the most esteemed professionals, the most important events and latest trends.

Below you will find a selection of events that we feel are relevant to our student community and in line with our core principles.

Masterclass MiM – Cum ții pasul cu schimbarea în organizații?

Published on: 01 Sep 2020

Contextul actual înseamnă schimbare de tot felul pentru organizații. Schimbare de context socio-economic, a dinamicii crescute a pieței, complexitatea sistemelor de afaceri și, mai ales, a nevoilor resurselor umane. Din 2014, este profesor de management și strategie în programele de

Master in Management – Open Doors

Published on: 04 Feb 2020

  The event will be held in Romanian, but the language will be chosen based on the attendees main language. If your preferred language is English, please message us after the registration with your option. The courses of our fist

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