Why I decided to study an EMBA – Interview with Delia Iliasa

23 Oct 2019

We all know a 9 to 5 job is rare these days. Most jobs require a lot of dedication and implication, which go traditionally beyond the 8 or 9 hours, if you include your lunch break. And work doesn’t mean only going through your everyday tasks. In order to become a better professional, you need to keep in touch with the latest developments in your field, which takes a bit of time too.

Then, you have your personal life too, where you try and juggle family life, friends, staying fit and maybe even a hobby. It seems that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for most of us. Yet, hundreds of people choose to study a management program every year. Why do they do it?

To answer the question, we turned to our students and we have the spotlight to Delia Iliasa. She is currently a Commercial Director and National Director Medical Centers at Medicover Romania. She is also a mum, so we asked her how she mixed her professional, personal and learning time and was it worth it?


Why did you choose to study an MBA? You were a busy professional, so why decide to invest extra time, from your weekends?

I wanted to learn and develop. When I started thinking about an MBA, I was already in a management position and, not infrequently, I felt like I needed something more; I felt I had a few puzzle pieces missing. I looked for the program that offered me the most practical exerpeiences, where I can find answers to the big questions: how can I be more efficient? How do I react to challenges and what is the best way to address them?

It was in effect a working Executive MBA. I laughed saying that I learnt during the weekend and I applied what I learnt from Monday to Friday. In reality, I received an incredible structure for my thinking processed and I validated certain ideas, whilst also knowing extraordinary people in this process.

How did the EMBA affect time spent with your family? Were there changes you had to accommodate together?

You know that they say you will be a different person at the end of such a program. That was definitely true for me. Alma, my daughter, was only 1 year old when I started the MBA, so it was a real challenge.

Fortunately, I have received unconditional support from my husband and my entire family. We adapted and became better at planning, so when I had the free weekends, we took maximum advantage of the time we spent together. On top of joining the classes for the MBA, I also had intense study periods, but I used the chance to explain to my daughter the importance of reading.

Looking back, my family was always “my rock” and I think the most important thing is that we support each other in any situation. Ah, and we found a common hobby, an activity the 3 of us practice every time we have a day off: golfing. It is that thing that brings us peace, satisfaction and happiness in the family 😊.

Where do you get the energy to juggle a job, an EMBA and the family?

I think I was always a lively person, so I think that helped. On top of that, I loved every second I spent in school, next to my colleagues. I don’t think I can remember a weekend where I left MSM disappointed.

This made feel like I’m not losing out on something, but that I’m always winning. Then, every time I arrived home, I was welcomed with joy and I think that made me feel less guilty. I think that energy comes from always doing what you like, what fulfils you and finding a balance between your career, family life and the need for development.

We, in our family, try to instil our daughter with this curiosity and desire to learn. My husband is a medic, so he is also continually learning and developing. This is what keep us energetic and young!

What do you think you gained though participating at the EMBA?

A second family! I think I was expecting to receive the structure and the new know-how. I knew that MSM has an excellent program, that is why I chose it. But the bonus I wasn’t ready for was the friends I’ve made.

I’m proud to be part of the RO6 cohort and I know I’ll say the same thing even in 20 years from now in our Mastermind group. I met special people and I consider to be my colleagues the other people that form this special and amazing group: teachers, administrative coordinators and alumni. Thank you all for being the way you are, I love you! 😊

Do you want to see if you would also benefit from the EMBA experience? The 11th intake of the EMBA is currently recruiting! Get in touch to set a meeting with a school representative and find out answers to all your questions.



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