MSM 10 years – Letter from the board

04 Aug 2020

This summer we are celebrating 10 years of Maastricht School of Management Romania! As a thank you for being an important contributor to the community, we’ve asked our board members to share their thoughts from the past decade spent together with you.

Whether you were a student for a few months or 2 years, an active one or more of a passive voice, in our first intakes or in most recent ones, if you’ve joined us for an event or if you’re a stranger now, we hope you have (or will, in the future) a dear memory from the school, as we do with you.


Adrian Stanciu, Associate Dean for Knowledge & Leadership

“Ten years ago when Dora and Oliver invited me to be part of the new venture to bring a new MBA program to Romania, I never expected to find myself here today. What has started as a fallback option, when CEU closed their MBA program almost overnight, has developed to 23 lunatics enrolling in the first intake. And to us we owe them our existence today.

My gratitude goes, obviously, to my partners but firstly to the 400+ alumni, the beautiful visionaries that entrusted us with their time and their effort and whose personal growth has inspired and motivated us all. To the next 10 years!”


Sergiu Neguț, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth

“10 long and interesting years, starting from the aftermath of the great financial crisis, ending in the unexpected context of a pandemic. We have grown with you, with your careers, your business initiatives and social endeavors. Spending just a moment to thank you dearly for being with us, let’s take another moment to reflect on the future decade.

We don’t know what challenges and opportunities we will be facing. But we know how to handle it. Perhaps we can build more? Perhaps we can be different? And perhaps we can continuously learn from the best in our community. And dare more and share more.  Let’s keep our small world together and make it better.”


Dora Surugiu-Kocsolade, Founding Partner

“I must admit that I was not bold enough to dream this big for our program when we started, but here we are, in a place where I am thankful every day for making this step, taking this path and for meeting every single one of you: students, participants, team members, teachers, partners.

2 years ago, pushed by one of Adrian’s remarks, I have made an exercise and tried to imagine my life without MSM, without you who are the bread and butter of MSM. The result was the image of an empty life, or at least none of the possible scenarios could energize or attract me more, than this one. For me you are my entire world, you give me purpose, meaning and I find myself accepted around you.

I have never thanked you enough for all the lessons, smiles and laughter, days well spent, of feeling accomplished or wanting more, of knowing that I have to and need to be better for you. I look forward to this new decade, where we are even more committed to making a difference and generating change in the Romanian society.”


Radu Atanasiu, Lecturer of Critical Thinking

“In these past 10 years, I have seen the MSM community bloom, I have seen people grow themselves and transform their organizations, I have seen perfect strangers become perfect friends, I have seen babies being born and new businesses being founded and funded.

I have grown along with this community. I have taught here for the first time (RO4, thanks for allowing me to be a novice prof with you!) and I quickly discovered that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thank you, all, for giving me meaning and purpose!”


Looking back now, 10 years is just a blink. So, we must prepare for the next 10. There are lives to be transformed and new programs to be launched and businesses to be (re-)invented and this society to be strengthened. And we can only do this together.

Now, it’s your turn. The next decade is what we make of it and we can’t imagine a future where you are not involved. Our perfectly imperfect puzzle keeps on growing and everyone is welcome to bring a new piece to the table. Let’s build that together, in our future projects, and let’s make this already strong community an even stronger one, with a real impact in society.

Here’s to the future, may it be glorious!
MSM Team