Leadership/Impact Research

30 Sep 2020

For 20+ years Human Synergistics has been researching the cause-effect relationship between organizational culture and leadership. Cultures tend to promote leaders that resemble them, and those leaders, in turn, tend to reinforce the very culture which brought them success. This creates a spiral or cycle than can be either vicious or virtuous, depending on the effectiveness of the culture promoted by those leaders.

The following research contains visual representations of Romanian top managers’ leadership philosophy (their ideal impact on others) and of their actual impact on others, data regarding the leadership strategies they use to generate said impact and data regarding their effectiveness as leaders. You can also find in the report some key takeaways and some recommendations for becoming a more effective leader.

Get the research here (written in Romanian)

Organizational Culture Research 

Culture is not just another word for climate, nor is it (just) about teamwork, engagement, funky offices or the yearly teambuilding. Culture is about behaviors, more exactly about what people feel they need to do in order to “fit in” with their organization. As such, it determines how people make decisions, solve problems, work with (or against) their colleagues or treat customer requests. When there’s no manager to ask or procedure to follow, culture is what people do.

The following research contains an analysis and visual representations of 150 Romanian organizations’ current as well as ideal (desired) cultures. It explains How Culture Works, what is the cause-effect relationship between climate, culture and outcomes and explains the 12 different style of culture (sets of behavioral norms) that people feel are expected from them by the organization. You can also find in the report case studies for the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ cultures in the sample, as well as several takeaways to keep in mind when attempting to change an organization’s culture.

Get the research here (written in Romanian)