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19 Feb 2020

Did you ever buy a service, experience it and then think oh, if I only had the chance to test it before, maybe I would have chosen something else or even got this sooner? We’ve all been there and we understand how that feels. Choosing a management program is not an easy decision, so we’ve developed our range of events to offer you an insight into the MSM world, know-how and give you a chance to meet our community.


The MBA master classes are 3-hour events with free access for the general public. We are convinced that it is our responsibility as a university to make the knowledge we curate available to the communities in which we are active. This is MSM Romania’s way of giving back to the community.

Masterclass held by Adriana Popescu, EMBA Alumna, on Romanian NGOs and innovation

Topics over the past year have included:

These are hosted by our EMBA lecturers or alumni and are meant to inspire you and give you some new ideas to take back to your business, start-up or life. Plus, they offer you a “test-drive” with the lecturers from our programs.

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Open enrollment courses & Join a course

The open enrollment courses are structured just like our Executive MBA courses. These last 3 days and give you extended insights into a specific topic, such as:

They differ from masterclasses in length (3 days compared to 3 hours) and the depth in which each subject is treated. This also means that access to open courses is paid. They are hosted by the MSM faculty, professionals with tens of years of experience in the business world or by MSM Alumni, EMBA graduates who share from their know-how.

Sergiu Neguț’s Growing a business open course

You can join a standalone open course or join one of the courses from our EMBA, for which we’ve just opened access. Should you decide to study the EMBA after joining one of the courses, you will be exempt from taking it in the program.

Q&A evenings

You have a lot of questions to ask before starting a program, all the way from is this right for me, what is the curriculum, what are the main skills you learn, how is the program structured, how can you fund it and even how does it work around your busy schedule. Which is why we’ve developed the series of Q&A evenings.

The latest EMBA Q&A was hosted by Dora Surugiu-Kocsolade and Adrian Stanciu, 2 of the school co-founders and alumni, who can offer honest answers to your questions. The Master in Management Q&A evenings can also include panel discussions, which give young professionals and fresh graduates an insight into the business world and helps them understand the difference between different management trajectories.

Check out our past and upcoming Q&A evenings

Students and alumni events

Last, but not least, our current students and alumni get access to exclusive community events. One of the most valuable components of a good management program is networking, not just with classmates, but also with faculty and outside guests. Which is why we like to get together in a series of events across the year that fall into 2 big categories:

The purpose of the Executive Dialogue is for students and alumni to be able to have an ‘off-the-record’ conversation with a senior executive that they might not be in contact with. The discussion is not focused on a specific industry or job, but rather a general discussion about the challenges and responsibilities associated with being an executive in today’s Romanian business environment.

Networking meeting with the MSM Community

We know management programs can become a 2-person project, where your spouse supports those late nights doing projects or those weekends taking care of the children. We love to meet the families of our students and they are often invited to join us in kid-friendly meetings such as the picnic or the Halloween Party. We provide entertainment for the little ones so the big ones can enjoy the discussions with their colleagues.

Check out our Executive Dialogues and Alumni events. We also announce this on our MSM Facebook group, so if you’re a student or alumni and haven’t already joined it, send us an email at to get access.

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