Coming back to Romania – Interview with Filip Ceacireanu

03 Sep 2020

What happens when you decide to come back to Romania after studying abroad? Sure, you might have the international know-how, but what about the local connections? And does what you’ve learnt apply here?

Filip Ceacireanu tried to find an easy solution for this. After graduating University of Oxford with a Mathematics and Statistics Bachelors degree, he chose to return to Romania and try a different field, with our Master in Management. With his parents both being entrepreneurs, the choice was natural and he knew it will provide him with the network that will help grow his business in the future.

We spoke to him about his choice of career in leadership, his expectations before the program and his future plans. And this is what he told us:

Tell us a bit about your bachelor. Why did you choose to go for a Master program after it?

I have studied Mathematics and Statistics at University of Oxford for my Bachelors degree. It was a very theoretical course based exclusively on individual study, preparing students for applying the acquired knowledge in research rather than business. Therefore, I have decided afterwards to do a Masters degree as I felt the need to develop certain skills that I was not able to improve during my bachelor.

How did you decide for MSM Master in Management program? Did you change your area after the bachelor? Why?

After studying in the UK for 3 years, I have decided to come back to Romania. As my bachelors degree was quite extensive, I have decided to acquire knowledge in a different field. I had always been interested in management as both my parents are entrepreneurs. Moreover, I wanted to follow a short, more theoretical program that would focus on team work as well as individual study. Therefore, the MSM Master in Management program was a perfect choice at the time as it satisfied all of these requirements.

What expectations did you have before starting the program? Were those expectations met?

My initial expectations of the programme were certainly exceeded. This is because I expected it to be new and interesting, however relaxed and low intensity. I definitely did not expect it to be so intense and hard but at the same time very interesting and engaging. I was surprised by the high pace of the schedule, skills of lecturers, power of the community and diversity of the programme.

How do you feel about the curriculum? Does it cover all your needs?

The curriculum definitely covers all necessary topics related to Management and more through the Personal Development component and potentially attending to business events.

How did you find your time in The Netherlands?

The time spent in the Netherlands was definitely fun and transformative. Communicating and working with people from different cultures in a very different academic setting was a very interesting experience.

How about the internships? Did you find them useful? What did you like most and least about them?

The internships incorporated into the programme are a great practical way of applying the acquired knowledge. Delivering projects for real clients was a very valuable experience. However, I was disappointed not to complete all three internships due to the global pandemic.

What are your plans now that you graduated?

After graduation, I have decided to aspire to be a successful team leader and eventually a great intrapreneur. I have also decided to try out positions in multiple fields until I decide which one suits me best.


The next intake of Master in Management starts in October 2020. Find out more about the program here.