Can leadership be taught? Introducing the Master in Management

20 Jan 2020

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: of course, and you’d better start as early as possible. Sure, it’s never too early, but we believe formal education can help a lot in developing leadership – introducing the Master in Management (MiM).

Over the past 10 years, here at Maastricht School of Management Romania we’ve worked with hundreds of managers and directors through our leadership programs. We’ve also interacted with thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs in the events we’ve hosted or took part in and we’ve heard it over and over: we have a big lack of leadership training and we can’t start early enough.

In trying to do our part, we’ve developed the Master in Management program, a 1-year full-time course targeting bachelor graduates and young professionals with the ambition to manage people and processes with success in any organization, country or context.

And here’s how we contribute to the art and science of getting things done:

Taught by lecturers with business experience

There are a few features that make our program unique, mostly revolving around practice and the soft skills our students develop throughout the 1-year course.

Similar to our other leadership programs, MiM is taught by industry professionals, the same ones that are lecturers in the Executive MBA and Fast Track Management Program. We carefully select our faculty to ensure they talk the talk and also walk the walk. Not only have they studied thoroughly articles, research papers, books, processes and models, but they’ve also implemented them in tens of organisations, as senior-level executives or consultants.

For example, Radu Atanasiu is our Lecturer of Critical Thinking. On top of being a university lecturer, he runs his course on the iversity platform, where tens of thousands of students have followed his sessions. Radu is also an angel investor in start-ups like 2Performant, SmartDreamers and Evertoys, a business founded by 2 EMBA alumni.

Sergiu Neguț

Sergiu Neguț is the Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth and Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Business. Until the end of 2011, Sergiu has helped expand massively what is now known as Regina Maria, the Private Healthcare Network. At the moment, he is a Board Member of 2Performant, Euro IT Group and Softelligence, whilst also being the co-founder of a rapid growth fintech startup, FintechOS.

A unique program that blends in practice and theory

During the 1-year program, students get to connect theory to practice through 3 distinct Business Consultancy Projects, spread over 11 weeks. So, instead of going to classes at the school, they start an internship in a company, where they get insights into several business processes and departments. The internship is finalised with the Business Consultancy Project, in which the students work in groups to solve a management program from the company.

This happens 3 time across MiM and it ensures graduates gain the experience necessary to start a career in management. Internships are mandatory and are facilitated by MSM, who will ensure companies are carefully selected to offer the best experience to students.

The 2019-2020 MiM students in their internship at MamaPan

Speaking about the program and its international outlook, Radu Atanasiu, Lecturer of Critical Thinking at MSM Romania told us who the program is best aimed for:

With a Dutch degree and modules in Maastricht, on one hand, and project-based internships in Romanian companies plus Romanian and international profs with lots of business experience, on the other, the Master in Management program from MsM Romania is the best of both worlds, academic and business. For students who graduated in Romania or abroad, with undergrad diplomas in management or in completely different fields, the master really offers everyone a kickstart in their management career.

Train your soft skills

Hard skills are great, but the best leaders are the ones who have solid soft skills too. This is why our program includes classes on developing soft skills, such as decision making, managing cultural diversity, innovation and the Personal Development Program, the track that ensures you also develop your soft skills, not just the hard skills:

The skills developed throughout the program

Build a network of international business professionals

MiM takes place in 2 cities: Bucharest and Maastricht, giving students exposure to lecturers, professionals and colleagues in both locations, from across the world. Plus, the MiM students also become part of the MSM Alumni Community, including over 300 business professionals, senior level managers and entrepreneurs in over 30 industries. The value of the knowledge sharing cannot be easily quantified.

MiM attendees will gain exposure to great companies and organizations: multinationals, national and international entrepreneurial business, non-profit organizations, communities of learning, both in Romania and Netherlands, connecting students to the business environment.

The Christmas Party, with students and alumni from EMBA, Fast Track and Master in Management

The second series of MiM will begin in October 2020, but registrations have already started. Selina David-Velula, student in the first, 2019-2020 series shares insight about her experience in the program:

The Master in Management at Maastricht School of Management Romania has been well above expectations so far. It’s everything I was looking for, and more. First of all, I was looking to get a quality education, in English, while still managing to remain in Bucharest. This was not easy! Not only did I get what I needed, but I also get to spend my days in the centre of the capital, enjoying everything it has to offer during lunch and after classes!

We also learn real-life problems and solutions from qualified professionals that have spent years (even decades!) in their respective fields. It really is the best of all worlds. Myself and the other students are up to date on how to manage things in our European, Bucharest context, but are also being informed on how to take things further and push for a well-rounded world view.

As the classes are small, lecturers have time to spend with each individual student, ensuring we all understand the materials, stay on top of our assignments and are well prepared for our exams.

I highly recommend this programme to anyone looking to further their understanding or practice of anything management, looking to start or sustain any form of business!

Student selection and application process

There is no final deadline for applications, these are processed upon receipt and places are filled on a first come, first serve basis (provided students are admitted by the Graduate Admission Board). We have a maximum number of 25 students per series, to ensure the best experience and that our lecturers can spend enough time with each student.

Students are chosen based on their motivation to study management more than on their previous background in business or management. We are also looking for diverse profile, that will bring value to everyone in the classroom.

There is an application fee of € 60, non-refundable and the application to contain: diploma of graduation, transcripts of your bachelor grades, a CV, a letter of recommendation, a letter of motivation, a copy of passport or ID and proof of English proficiency.

Do you want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about the program and meet existing students and lecturers, get in touch:

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