6 reasons to become an EMBA student in 2020

13 May 2020

The always changing technology landscape, the always on mindset, the entering in the workforce of millennials and a crisis on top of all that – these all have a profound impact on leadership. The business world is continuously changing, which in exchange requires a combination of hard skills and soft skills leaders should develop to stay in touch. More so, in a crisis, leaders are the ones who steer the ship towards stability & growth.

Experience is probably the best way to develop leaders, but it takes time. So does an Executive MBA, but its structure and faculty ensure learning is accelerated and it helps you re-learn and re-invent the good principles in leadership, business and life, while also showing you an insight into the steps to take when the environment is unstable. It also gives you a great network to enhance your learning and to build new contacts.

If you’ve considered it, but aren’t sure or if you’ve just started looking into studying an MBA, we’ve put together 6 reasons you should become an EMBA student in 2020:

  1. You become a better professional, a better leader, a better entrepreneur. The world’s biggest professionals and thought leaders agree on one thing: learning never ends. Our executive program helps in 2 ways: offers you a 360 degrees view of the business, so you can identify the incoming challenges and gives you new methods and instruments to approach them.

Most managers haven’t even had formal training before leading teams, as they have been promoted from being exceptional professionals. The EMBA combines classes focusing on developing both the hard and soft skills today’s leaders need, such as organizational behaviour, corporate strategy, finance, innovation, decision making, crisis management, remote team management and more.

  1. Become part of a community with active and innovative leaders. You will meet (in a virtual or live environment, based on what the situation allows) & network with a wide range of professionals. This happens not only in your course, but also in our Alumni community, facilitating new learning, networking and business opportunities.

Our students are business leaders with an average work experience of 11 years and entrepreneurs, skilled in building businesses from the ground. 86% of them lead teams and more than half are decision makers in their businesses. Coming from a diverse range of industries (each group sees around 10-15 different industries), their experiences vary greatly and they bring new insights to the group projects and learning interactions.

  1. Learn from the experience of our professional faculty. Our faculty is formed of experiencedinvestors, bank CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants & business leaders, who can also walk the talk. They are active in growing Romanian companies of all sizes, with a sound understanding of the regional culture and business environment. They’ve been in your shoes and know more about businesses that you can read in a book. They are also living their second crisis, so they know what helps in uncertain times.

The courses often include case studies or even the presence of a business leader, who will share from their experience and challenge your way of thinking, like the Global Corporate Strategy course did for the RO9 students.

  1. Learn the cool way. We meet for extended weekends (Friday-Sunday) every 3 weeks and we develop group projects, business plans and even create pitches that are then presented to investors, as part of our courses.

The group projects, exams and experiences challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and learn not only from the lecturers, but also from your colleagues. Plus, the know-how is practical, meaning you can apply it to your business right after the class.

  1. Get an international outlook. The MsM EMBA blends in the local know-how with an international outlook. It hosts international lecturers from universities based in Canada or Singapore and includes classes taken in Maastricht, The Netherlands and Prague, Czech Republic – based on travelling to these destinations being deemed safe.

The degree you receive at the end of the program is also offered by Maastricht School of Management Netherlands in a ceremony taking place in Maastricht at the end of the second year of the MBA, right after your thesis defence.

  1. There’s no time like the present. You may have been thinking now is not the time, but there really is no time like the present. Companies and business leaders across the world have learnt, the hard way, the opportunity costs of a missed chance at the right time (you bet Nokia is hoping they researched the touch screen technology when it was just starting).

Applications for the 2020-2022 academic year are now open and students who complete their registration before 30 June will benefit from the Early Bird discount, saving €2,000 on standard rates.

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