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About the school.

We recognize in each student the inner spark, we then provide knowledge and reinforce character by bringing the students together with professors and peers who share our values, so in the end the graduates become the change agents our businesses and community need.

Mission Statement

MSM was founded in the Netherlands, its origins dating back to 1952, and has been delivering its EMBA program in Romania since 2010. Maastricht School of Management, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2012, has its roots in the Institute for Management Science at the Technical University in Delft, dating back to 1952. In 1989, the school relocated to the historical city of Maastricht, and in 1993 its name changed to the Maastricht School of Management.

As a key player in the global education field, MSM is one of the few management schools that systematically combine education, technical assistance and research in its professional services. With more than 2,000 students annually graduating in more than 20 countries, MSM is the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands. MSM offers its Outreach MBA, throughout the world by partnering with respected educational institutions in each local market. Maastricht School of Management Romania was created by some of Romania`s most respected educational leaders of the past decade: Dora Surugiu, Adrian Stanciu and Oliver Olson.

As one of the key global education institutions, we have more than 2000 students graduating each year in more than 20 countries. The variety of our outreach programs is significant for MSM’s international view on business/research – the program is available on three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa).

Therefore, our MBA students and alumni have access to a global community of professionals.


MSM Values

This school brings together people who share the same values: integrity, the openness to self-reflect, the constant need to self-develop, respect for society, proactive optimism, and the courage to challenge the status-quo.

We create Change Agents by delivering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) which is grounded in the following Learning Outcomes:

Meta-Learning Outcomes

  • Holistic Assessment
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Leadership Attitude
  • Systems and Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork and Cooperation

Course Content Outcomes

  • Business Management
  • Market Development
  • People Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Decision Making in Evolving Markets

Definition of Change Agent
Our success in creating Change Agents will be determined by measuring our students and alumni against the following qualities:

  • Autonomy
  • Challenges the Status Quo
  • Having a Change Behavior
  • Ability to Analyze the Environment
  • Able to Understand Differences in different situations
  • Seeking Truth
  • Have a Vision
  • Relentless Pursuit of Goals in the Face of Opposition
  • Courage to Act
  • Engages Others