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We recognize in each student the inner spark, we then provide knowledge and reinforce character by bringing the students together with professors and peers who share our values, so in the end the graduates become the change agents our businesses and community need.

Where are the teachers from?

We pride ourselves with a very particular mix of teachers coming from all over the world: Andreas Antonopoulos (Czech Republic), Khaled Wahba ( Egypt), Joy Chan (Singapore), Paul Garrison  (United States of America), Stephen Mark Rosenbaum (Denmark), Laura Ipacs (Hungary), Aad van Mourik (Netherlands), Ali Awni (Egypt), Adrian Stanciu, Sergiu Neguț, Cosmin Alexandru, Steven van Groningen, Florin Ilie,  Radu Atanasiu , Istvan Kocsolade,  Mihaela Reese (the Coach) from Romania.

When do courses take place?

The courses take place on alternating weekends starting at 2:00 PM on Fridays, continuing through Sunday afternoon. For information on the complete schedule, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details at info@msmromania.org.

What is the teaching method?

The teaching model is in general  a blend of ‘teaching’ and ‘action learning’, which means that

1) the lecturer explains the theory;

2) the participants apply the theory to cases, projects and business games, mainly in groups;

3) examinations and assignments are given to ascertain if the participants know, understand the theory, and can apply the knowledge to specific business situations.

Students' profile?

The candidates admitted to our EMBA program are mid-career executives, entrepreneurs and expert consultants. The average student age is 33 and their work experience is of approximately 10 years.

Where do the classes take place?

Classes are delivered every week-end at our campus on 99, Dacia Blvd., 3rd Floor, Bucharest.

Networking opportunities offered?

Our program is designed to facilitate networking between managers on different levels as well as fields of work. This is encouraged during classes as well as through Action Learning, Executive Dialogues, MBA Masterclasses, as well as other informal events.

We also believe that the value of networking is increased exponentially through informal events such as BBQ’s, dinners, picnics and other events, in which the students’ and alumni’s entire families are invited.

How can I apply for an MSM program?

To apply for one of MSM programs, you can fill out our online application form here or contact the Admissions Officers: info@msmro.org

How are the courses delivered?

  • Formal lectures (face to face teaching)
  • Country-relevant case study analysis
  • Group discussions and team work
  • Computer lab sessions (modelling and simulation)
  • Group and/or individual projects
  • Group and/or individual presentations
  • Individual study

Do I need to submit proof of English proficiency?

The level of English required to enter the program is C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Certifications that can be provided:

88 TOEFL internet-based
230 TOEFL computer-based
600 TOEFL paper-based

IELTS: 6.5

Information about these tests is available on the following websites:

If you are a native English speaker or if the language of instruction for your bachelor or Masters’s degree was English, you are not required to submit the TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Are the MSM programs accredited?

All MSM programs, both the Maastricht programs as well as the Outreach programs are accredited by:
Association of MBA’s (AMBA)
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
International Association of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)
The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science recognizes the Maastricht School of Management’s MBA degree by law (NVAO accredited).

Do I have to submit the GMAT Scores?

The GMAT is an important component of our evaluation of a completed application to join the MBA. Maastricht School of Management Romania sees a GMAT score of at least 500 as a desirable prerequisite for enrollment. If you have more than seven years of work experience you should contact us at info@msmromania.org to find out if you qualify for a waiver.

However, we do encourage our applicants to take the GMAT, and as a result a high GMAT score may give you an important discount on the tuition fee. A score of 700 or above will qualify you for a 3,000 Euro Merit Scholarship.