Entrepreneurship Museum – 100 Years of Romanian Entrepreneurship

Muzeul antreprenoriatului: 100 de ani de antreprenoriat românesc showcases and celebrates the importance of the Romanian entrepreneurial spirit for the country`s economy, in a historic context, spanning the century-old history of Romania.

The museum is the result of an initiative by CITR Group, following a study on the Romanian companies with the highest economic impact. The study showed that although Romania has many economically-significant businesses, their structures are deteriorating and many are experiencing difficulties. The Entrepreneurship Museum is a unique and captivating testament to the fact that all successful entrepreneurs have more than once overcome adversities in their business, across all generations. They have taken their obstacles and made them into opportunities. When looking at a crisis, they have seen a turning point that could favor their business ideas. The Entrepreneurship Museum brings together the stories of 30 remarkable entrepreneurs in the century-long history of our country.

Sergiu NEGUT

” We wanted to tell the story of today’s Romanian entrepreneurship, the story of the entrepreneurs who choose to be honorable and straightforward, who wish to build a reputation for themselves and their businesses. It is not for everyone to start a successful business, that is also socially and ethically responsible. By promoting entrepreneurs from different industries, we hope to show our gratitude, in the name of the society that we are part of, to those who managed to grow successful businesses, to those who have tried, but did not make it and to those who are now trying to build clean, strong, innvoative businesses, that benefit us all.”

The exhibition is divided into 3 sections:

The exhibition will remain open until Sunday, April 22nd and can be visited at Noblesse Palace (Sfintilor, 7, Bucharest).