Curriculum FTMP Bucharest.

The Program combines classroom time with self learning, coaching and on the job mentoring to achieve the maximum possible impact.

Fast Track Management Program

The 6th intake of the Fast Track Management Program will start on October, 19th, 2017 with the following curriculum:

1. Financial Intelligence
Joy Chan
2. Strategic Business Leadership
Florin Ilie
3. Marketing Essentials
Iulian Padurariu
4. Leading People & Organizations
Adrian Stanciu
5. SLX - Situational Leadership Experience
Viorel Panaite
6. Project Management
Istvan Kocsolade
7. Critical Thinking
Radu Atanasiu
8. Managing Growth Through Innovation
Sergiu Neguț
Individual Coaching
Mihaela Reese

Admission fees:
• one person 3.250 euro
• 2 or 3 people from the same company 3.000 euro/person
• 4 or more people from the same company 2.750 euro/person

Courses take place every other weekend and last for 3 months.
The courses are delivered in Romanian. Exceptions: the courses where the Lecturers are English speakers, and the groups of students where there is at least one person who does not speak Romanian.

Please note that the Fast Track Management Program admission fees are available only for the Program in Bucharest.


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