When you choose to invest in an MBA, you are making an investment in your own career.

The return on that investment comes from many several sources: the network that you build, the content of the courses, the self-discipline that you develop by dedicating yourself to your studies, and the access to the professor’s experiences.
“It is necessary for you to learn from others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Hyman Rickover.
Our teachers have enough practical business experience to have great success… and great mistakes. The MBA is your chance to accelerate your career progress by learning from the successes and failures of the professors and your classmates.

Cosmin Alexandru

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Business Communication

Courses Taught:
Leading with a Story

Andreas Antonopoulos

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurship

Courses Taught:
Innovation and New Business Ventures

Radu Atanasiu

Adjunct Lecturer of Critical Thinking

Courses Taught:
Critical Thinking


Adjunct Professor of Operations Management

Courses Taught:
Global Supply Chain Management

Joy Chan

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Finance

Courses Taught:

Paul Garrison

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Marketing

Courses Taught:
Marketing in a Global Context

Steven van Groningen

Adjunct Lecturer of Business Ethics

Courses Taught:
Business Ethics

Florin Ilie

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Strategy

Courses Taught:
Global Corporate Strategy

Laura Ipacs

Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Accounting

Courses Taught:
Accounting for Managers

Istvan Kocsolade

Adjunct Lecturer Boardroom
Executive Simulation

Courses Taught:
Boardroom Executive Simulation - CESIM Global Challenge

Prof. Dragoș Pîslaru

Professor of Economics

Courses Taught:
Economics for Managers

Sergiu Negut

Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth
Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Business

Courses Taught:
Managing Entrepreneurial Business
Change Management

Mihaela Reese

Program Coach

Courses Taught:

Adrian Stanciu

Associate Dean for Knowledge & Leadership
Adjunct Professor of Change Management

Courses Taught:
Managing Cultural Diversity
Change Management
Leadership & Organizational Behaviour

Dr. Khaled M.A. Wahba

Adjunct Professor of Management

Courses Taught:
Decision Making Tools
Research Methods